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Stress-Free Slide-Type  PCB Separator, Factory Direct PCB Separator

Features introduced:

1, the automatic tool depaneling machine is suitable for all kinds of PCB  puzzle depaneling jobs, especially double-sided circuit board components precision.

2, PLC man-machine interface switching, control procedures implemented by microcomputer automatic pneumatic brake cutting times and cutting stroke, saving workers to improve efficiency.

3, automatic feeding depaneling PCB board, microcomputer automatic counting yield at a glance.

4, PCB board depaneling complete, extend through the conveyor belt directly to the test assembly line, workers avoid secondary operating member.

5, depaneling process of PCB board does not move, slipping round knife, straight knife moves up and down to ensure that the substrate and the electronic components are not damaged by the movement.

6, electric eye protection devices to ensure safety in production.


Project Parameters
Equipment Brand YUSHLI
Device Name automatic tool depaneling machine
 device models YSV-2L
User interface PLC man-machine interface exchange
Languages Chinese-English
 Max scoreboard length 350MM
depaneling width 50 ~ 230mm
 depaneling thickness of 0.3 ~ 3.5MM
Component height limit on the 35 MM, 20 MM under
 Operating voltage AC 110 ~ 220V 50 / 60HZ
 Working pressure 0.6-0.8MP
blade material Imported high-speed steel
 Appearance Paint white (other colors can be customized)
Dimensions L1020 * W650 * H600 MM
safety devices Electric eye safety device
 Weight 86KG

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