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Aluminum PCB Punching Machine Exporters - YSPE

Model:            YSPE
Size(mm):         730 X 810 X 1700
Power supply(v):  110/220
Depression(Pa):   0.45-0.70
Weight(Kg):       530/700

Aluminum PCB Punching Machine Exporters - YSPE

1.Depaneling PCB/FPC by means of punching dies, to avoid micro-cracks caused by manual.
2.Cast iron framework for rigidity. Punching dies are changeable. Easy set up of punching dies.
3.Moveable lower die for easy loading and unloadingPCB punch die| FPC die| PCB punch mold| FPC mould

features: 1. high degree of automation, simple operation and safety
2. can replace a variety of mold, and mold changing easily
3. the lower mold automatic in and out, easy to pick and place products, finished products can fall into the drawer
4. make internal stress generated by PCB singulation press to minimize and avoid stress cracking of tin
5. punching singulation semi-finished PCB, FPC with more high efficiency

6. mold and die can be made according to customer's requests


Model YSPE
Punch standard tonnage (Tons) 8
Working area (mm) 460*320  
Size (mm) 930*880*1230
Weight (kg) 680
The most professional PCB singulation machine manufacturers in China.
Punching mold PCB singulation machine

1. high degree of automation,high efficiency,simple operation
2. can replace multiple mold for production and mold changing easily
3. apply to cut rigid pcb,flexible pcb(FPC),rigid-flexible pcb

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