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Product Description

Drilling blind holes, vias in HDI board, blind cut and blind slot in rigid-flex board. Cutting a variety of FPC and cover layer, low carbonization. Cutting FPC and copper substrate thickness up to 1 mm, smooth appearance. Precisely etching of functional film. Cutting the base material.

1. Safe and reliable. Fully enclosed design, automatic control of worktable door to ensure safe operation;
2. Automation. Auto focus, auto-correction, auto-positioning, auto-homing, automatic spot compensation, and intelligent design;
3. Energy measuring. Automatically measure energy on the samples;
4. High drilling / cutting precision. Using ultra-high-precision scanning galvanometer, fully guaranteed drilling, cutting accuracy and quality;
5. Multi-panels cutting. With function to cutting array panels;
6. Optical optimization. High peak power and high pulse energy, fine focal spot, ensure cutting and drilling with high speed and high precision;
7. Convenient operation. Drilling and cutting with independent module, easy conversion;
8. Optimize design. Optimization of laser processing path function, reduce processing time and improve efficiency.
Laser Source UV,355nm                                          All-solid-state UV laser device, wavelength 355nm
Laser Power 8W/30KHz
Laser Frequency 30-120KHz
Maximum Processing Size 500x400mm(Double working table)
Platform Maximum Operating Speed 24m/min
Platform Maximum Positioning Accuracy ±5µm

Platform Maximum Repeat Positioning Accuracy
System Processing Precision ±25µm
Cutting Line Width 20±5µm
Cutting Thickness <1.0mm
File format Gerber & .DXF & .lay,G(CAM)Standard G code(Can switch via CAM)
Power AC220V 50Hz/2.5KW,AC380V 50Hz/5.5KW
Vacuuming Requirements 516m³/h
Overall Dimensions 1780x1680x1560mm
Weight 2500Kg
Environmental Temperature 20±2°
Environmental Humidity <60%RH No dew
Ground Amplitude <5µm
Ground Pressure >1000kgf/m²
,/       Industry-specific control machine, with computer pre-installed drilling and cutting software  Motion controller and industrial personal computer control model
Equipped with 17"screen,300G hard disk                                
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