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PCB V Groove Cutting Machine V Cut Machine China-YSVC-450

Product dispaly:

Model: YSVC-450C

YuSh series of precision CNC V-CUT machine design
According to PCB / MCPCB automatic V-CUT machine characteristics involving multiple disciplines to build PCB / MCPCB automatic V-CUT machine digital prototyping system that uses multidisciplinary joint design and simulation in the design phase, the product's features and performance for checking and testing, the performance of the products meet design specifications, resolve conflicts and interference between the various disciplines to achieve optimal coupling, which will greatly improve the product quality and system performance.

1. All of the base of the machine using the "Tarzan green" or "Jinan Green" granite, and the experience of stress relieving, rigidity, good stability.

2. X \ Y \ Z axis positioning driven by imported high-performance AC servo motor drive, to achieve high-speed high-precision positioning, effectively increase productivity.

3. Precision Transmission and guiding system: imported precision linear guide and precision ball screw, high precision drive, location.

4. With dagger functions for complex PCB / MCPCB jump knife processing.

5. Can be performed with high precision machining for various sizes of V-groove board 0.4 ~ 3.2mm Bohou board

6. The first knife into the center of the nail PIN 5mm above the minimum reserve Minimum knife grinding diameter 114MM, the highest tool life

7. Use WINDOWS XP Chinese operation interface, as data processing and parts management.

8. Suitable for single and double sided, multilayer, aluminum plate board surface shape before use.

9. V-CUT during processing, with automatic gauge control, residual thickness detection function.

10. apan imported high-speed spindle motor, V groove cut no edges, longer tool life.

11. Use EG intelligent control systems, uninterrupted, stable operation, easy easy to failure, maintenance.

12. Knives, knife deep graphical numerical control, high precision, easy to learn, easy to set up the whole.

13. AB has entered the information while artificial steering, once processed.

14.  Can (optional) highly efficient dust collection system, the plant can be kept clean environment.

Product Description:

1 Location mode Pinslocation
2 Machining size (max.L*W*H) 1250mm*650mm*3.2mm
3 Machining size (min.L*W*H) 105mm*105mm*0.4mm
4 Remaining thickness min 0.1mm
5 Processing progress indicators ±0.05mm
6 Minimum distance of each cut 15mm
7 Cut speed (adjustable) 1~40m/min
8 Minimum distance to hole 7mm
9 Spindle parameters 3500-8000rpm
10 Outer size 2100mm(L)x2100(W)mmx1600(H)mm
11 Power 5KW
12 Voltage 220V
13 Air pressure 0.5Kpa
14 Weight 3500kg
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