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V Cut PCB Cutting Machine-YSVC-2LL


Using the latest gas-electric lightweight design, high-tech feeding facilities, without manual operation, continuous shear stress-free cutting board complete itinerary, especially for cutting precision SMD or sheet. Bow wave generated when no round knife type sub-board (BOW WAVES) and micro-cracks (MICRO CRACK), using the wedge tool linear scoreboard, shear stress to a minimum.

1.  Non-rollers (round knife, take the knife) formula cut, no dust phenomenon, no motor, no carbon dust pollution.

2.  Non-friction cutting, no tool metal residues;

3.  Use the blade up to 300,000 / time;

4.  The high-speed tool steel imported from Germany, Taiwan large-scale professional tool factory customization;

5.  4-5KG Pneumatic without specific cutting sites; appearance to the anti-rust oil wipe maintenance;

6.  With automatic counting function;

7.  Easy to use, the general staff can be operated by a simple guide.

8.  The crop was 1 second / 1 split, controlled by pneumatic foot pedal switch;

9.  The high-tech feeding facilities, without manual operation;

10.  The use of microcomputer technology, the program can automatically control the cutting times and cutting stroke;


Weight: 120kg

Model: YSVC-2LL

Machine Specification: 428 × 508 × 912mm

The maximum score board length: 20cm

Voltage: 220VAC

Scoreboard Thickness: 0.8-3.5mm

Scoreboard speed: 0-1000mm / s

Split Sheet: cob light source substrate, bulb LED aluminum plate / ceramic plate, where a V-CUT of SMD PCB board all suitable for this machine

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