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Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner -YS-3110

product description:

YS-3110 pneumatic stencil cleaner is designed for solder paste and red glue printing stencil cleaning of SMT process. Driven by compressed air, constructed by super parts of pneumatic industry and our good manufacturing process, SME guarantee you an efficient ,reliable cleaning machine and high quality cleaning result. By “One button” easy operation, the machine complete “clean + dry “process automatically. Special designed pipe and patent rotation pod system guarantee stable jet pressure on stencil.

Machine Feature:

1. SUS 304 structure, Acid and Alkali corrosion resistance, 10 years lifespan.

2. Totally Driven by compressed air , no electric power, no fire or explosion risk caused by electrical spark .

3. One button easy operation, clean and dry complete one time automatically

4. Special designed rotate rod and nozzle, ensure good cleaning quality and guarantee stable stencil tension

5. Equipped auto liquid fill in and drain function

6. Liquid recycle use to ensure low consumption

7. Inner-lock safety door, once open, machine stopped immediately to ensure operator safety

8. 3-level precise filtering system to make liquid clean by recycled use

9. Super well-known Pneumatic parts from all over the word ensure stable use of the machine

10. Modular design ensure easy maintenance

Machine SpecS:

Model Number


Max stencil size

L1200 x W1200 x H40(mm)

Liquid tank

Max: 60L; Min28L

Clean time


Dry time


Air supply


Air consumption


Clean type

360°rotate jet clean + air dry

Filter system

20um/5um/1um(3 level)

Machine size

L15500 x W1100 x H2150(mm)

Machine weight


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