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Product Description:

Our latest intelligent auto nozzle cleaner YS-36 adopt nozzle left-right moving clean method, clean 36 nozzles in one time, break through nozzle quantity restrictions of traditional nozzle cleaning machine. YS-36 can clean 99% of nozzle dust only using purified water or DI water. We also have water level checking function, so no need to worry about water level that affect cleaning effect any more. Standard equipped with nozzle inspection system in order to check nozzles after cleaning.

Product  Feature:

1. Clean 36 nozzles in one time, more efficient

2. Auto clean, avoid cleaning troubles of ultrasonic cleaner, reduce rejection rate.

3. cleaning result will not affect by the smaller and smaller nozzle.

4. Thoroughly clean nozzles dust up to 99%, extend the lifespan of nozzle.

5. Protect the coating of the surface of nozzle and its reflection panel.

6. No solvent, only use environmentally friendly Purified water or DI water.

7. More choice: clean and dry simultaneously or clean then dry.

8. Easy operation.

9. Applicable to all kinds of SMT Mounters’ nozzles by using different nozzle jigs

Machine Specs:

Item Model Number


Air supply


Power supply

AC220V,1A ,250W


Purified water or DI water

Jet pressure


Liquid consumption


Nozzle range

Min01005,Max inner diameter as big as 2.0mm

Jig spec

36孔36 holes

Machine size


Machine weight


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